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George A. Zainyeh, Chief Marketing and Development Officer

Phone: 401.238.0607
Fax: 401.648.6748

George A. Zainyeh is an energetic and experienced executive who thrives on challenges. As a polished communicator and passionate leader, George has developed and executed complex business strategies; managed government affairs within regulated industries; organized and lead people and teams; assessed the impact of technology and systems on regulated industries; and won new business. He is able to generate enthusiasm, trust and cooperation at all levels of public and private organizations while staying committed to the people on the team.

George is the Chief Marketing and Development Officer at Savage Law Partners and leads the team at the Athena Solutions Group. George also has a wealth of knowledge and understanding relating to governmental matters, politics, legislation, lobbying, and is able to advocate for our clients on a wide array of organizational and strategic matters.

  • Lila Sapinsley Award for Community Service

  • Quality individual with commitment to teamwork and advancing others while developing solutions and results
  • Combines policy and process expertise with extensive network of relationships for successful lobbying, strategy, and business development
  • Provides consulting services to businesses facing strategic, operational or regulatory barriers to success
  • Leads teams, keeping them focused through dialogue not dictation while managing competitive struggles
  • Results driven and able to avoid pitfalls by staying on task and within budget
  • 20+ years of developing positive executive relationships & bridging organizational divides while increasing agility, collaboration and effectiveness
  • Track record of clarifying and prioritizing challenges for increasing accountability, reducing delays and leveraging change
  • Former state representative, Congressional and Gubernatorial Chief of Staff, and executive-level manager
  • Success recruiting high-quality teams and developing young, inexperienced individuals into highly productive leaders
  • Recipient of the Lila Sapinsley Award for Community Service